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Adjust OpenGL shading?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The shadows can be disabled directly, the sort of false-shading effect will go away if you add lights to the model of pretty much any kind.

If that isn't what you mean, show me a before and after of what you're looking for in SketchUp and I can see if it has an equivalent in Vectorworks.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

OH! If you meant OpenGL altogether, not just the shading in openGL, then bcd's answer is correct.

If after you reset the default 3D render mode it doesnt seem to take, sometimes you will need to go to View > Rendering > Wireframe to reset it. It should then keep your newly set defaults when you change views.

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Yeah, sorry i wasn't more clear. I just want to turn the default shading off in OpenGL, and see lines around things in OpenGL. Jim, you already spoke to the outline issue for non-renderworks licenses, saying that that would be fixed in the upcoming Service Pack. (BTW, was there a time frame for that?) And then if images map correctly in perspective view after the update, i'll be set.

I've attached a simple example of what i was trying to emulate from SU. What i gather from the answers is that i can't do this, as my "interactive" tab doesn't have a "rendermode" option.

I never need renderworks in my job, which is why i'm loath to buy it. sketchup is initially good, but whenever i use sketchup, i do so knowing that i will invariably end up in VWX rebuilding the entire model, which gets old. the last improvement to VWX that would get me out of SU is the ability to create geometry that i quickly apply basic images to, and then show to clients in a clean, simple drawing. simple tectures, and no fancy lighting. right now that's not really possible. all those great renderings i see people creating...i will never be asked to or paid to create them. my clients basic conceptual concerns are often as simple as "is 19' taller than 17', and what does it look like next to a person?" it sounds asinine, but it's really that simple. after that, the entire flow is all technical drawing.

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The problem with Hidden Line is that it won't allow for images to display, and requires outside compositing. Neither will poly, and wireframe is obviously to busy for a client. i think you have to have renderworks, but i really don't need 99% of renderworks. i would luv to give $5 for the openGL options i need.

otherwise, it's ok if no one knows, I think the blown out setting (view>lighting>set lighting options>ambient=on,brightness=100) works well enough for my purposes, but it seems odd that you can't control openGL options more readily. maybe time to learn VectorScript?

once they patch the OGL lines and viewport shading problems, my only other concern is the image mapping problem. another oddity, to me, is that images map correctly in your design space, but not correctly in a ortho or persp viewport.

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