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dwg export sheet layer with custom class properties



After programming 2 months for a complete new workflow I encountered a mayor bug/shortcoming in the dwg-export in VW2014.

We changed from working in 2d to 3d (walls, slabs,...). We work with layers for walls and layers for slabs/beams/... So our layer structure would look like this:

slabs +3

walls +2

slabs +2

walls +1

slabs +1

walls 0

slabs 0

we make structural plans that look upwards, the walls of the above level are visible in dashed lines. One of the advantages is that we don't have to draw the 'hidden' objects of the next level. We take one viewport that show the walls and slabs (for ex. walls 0 & slabs +1) and one viewport that shows the 'hidden' walls (walls +1) in dashed lines (custom class-properties of the viewport: everything dashed, no fills, text/dimension-class is hidden,...)

Fantastic system, works great, never have to convert the walls of the above level to hiddenlines again, PDF and plots look OK....


DWG export fails!!!

I describe 2 options:

export dwg 'active sheet layer' NO export viewport as image in modelspace:

* modelspace is a 'semi' 3d drawing: 2d objects with different z-coordinate

* paperspace looks good except dashed lines or continuous

* modelspace shows the text and dimensions of the above level (very confusing)

export dwg 'active sheet layer' export viewport as image in modelspace:

* modelspace is 'flat'

* hatches have a scale problem (they look solid-filled)

* the 'above' level

* there is no difference between the visible level and the 'hidden' above level

We work a lot with architects who use autocad, dwg is our main exchange format. I realy have to find a solution to this. Any suggestion/workarounds are very welcome. I started this workflow after a suggestion of our local helpdesk (designexpress Belgium) but they don't have a solution for this. VW2015 (not yet released here) has the same problem they say.

ideas for VW-programmers:

* upgrade the 'convert viewport to lines' or 'convert viewport to group' (bad output)

* 'flatten' all objects in het dwg-modelspace

* rename classes to layers like this: 'viewportname'-'classname' then class "text" objects of the 'hidden level' would be renamed to "walls +1 - text" and this class can be hidden

in attachment a sample file, pdf output (=good) and dwg export

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