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2015 + RW : Rendering Problems


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Getting very odd behavior with this one as well, either beachball/hourglass or missing geometry or broken lighting. Testing further now.

UPDATE: No clue whats going on in this one. Doesn't seem related to textures, geometry isn't far from 0, changed the fill and pen to various alternatives for the Rectangle and tried other configurations for the wall objects and I am seeing objects not rendering on Windows and long-term beachballing on Mac. Submitting as an issue now.

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It was a clean empty file,

just the walls and the rectangle, suddenly the issues started.

No clue either.

Thought it may have to do with the noise in materials.

(As Cinema R16 crashes VRAY4C4D when using a Cinema noise)

But if you tried with different materials ...

Maybe the curved walls calculation to renderer fails somehow ...

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I miss the shadows on the ground rectangle.

Doesn't it have the class material assigned ?

And wanted to scale the texture at that size.

Isn't that setting exactly for that purpose ?

But as I see, you divide the decimals by a point.

I have no problems elsewhere with the german comma.

But maybe the Cinema render engine expects one ?

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