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VectorWorks Viewer to view older version files

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Dear ALL,

I have a problem is, I have some old VectorWorks/MiniCAD files, I need to open it, but when I use VectorWorks Viewer 10/9.51/9.52, they also can't open it.

--- Viewer 10 told me that "This file is in a format which is too old to read by the version of the program you are running"

--- Viwer 9.51 and 9.52 said "This file is not the same version as the application you are running, so the file cannot be open"

Can any one told me how I can open the old version VectorWorks files?

Thanks. [Confused][Confused][Confused]

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The VW 10 viewer is designed to only open VW 9 and 10 files. The VW 9 Viewer can only open VW 8 files.

We have no viewer for previous versions of VW.

You will need to have the files converted to a version 9 or 10 mcd file to be able to view them with the viewer.

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This has been one of my biggest complaints. Recently the v10 viewer was updated to also open v9 files. This is not a true viewer program. It is simply a version of the full program with a bunch of restrictions in place. Try to open a v9 file and you will get the annoying message that the file is being converted and the file is then renamed with a v10 appended to the name. Why would a viewer have to convert a file in order to view it? On a previous post I had read a response from someone in technical support who said that the viewer was structured the way it is because of a marketing decision. Why can companies like AutoDesk provide viewers that can open all of their previous versions? I have been a MiniCad/VectorWorks user for 10yrs, I started out with MiniCad v1 on the Macintosh. I currently use VectorWorks v10 on the PC. I have always upgraded because of the functionality improvements. Because of Nemetschek's refusal to seriously address the viewer issue, I have had to make use of a PDF writer in order to share files. Even though this works wonderfully, I still waste too much time converting files from earlier versions.


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