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Label Legend Reposition in 2015


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Hi mk;

i just opened a new 2015 doc, imported a couple of lighting symbols from the Nemetschek Martin library, created a label legend, inserted a lighting device. After i applied the LL, i repositioned the LL attributes around the lighting device and saved as a new Label Legend. No problem. i don't know what i did different from you, but i didn't have to export back and forth into/out of 2014 in order for LL repositioning to work.

All best,


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Curious if others are experiencing this - so far I've only done one plot in 2015 and I built it completely from scratch, didn't import any of my own symbols, label legends or anything else from prior versions. Figured I'd "start clean." I haven't had any difficulty at all repositioning label legends.

However I just now went to create a couple new legends by duplicating existing ones from the RB. All went fine for awhile, renamed the new legend and "edited fields" OK, but when I went back to the LL Manager window to "edit layout" VW crashed. Twice in succession.

Just happened a third time. I figured if I "edited fields" and then closed the window before trying to edit layout, maybe that would help. But apparently what's causing the crash is simply checking "Gobo 1" as a field I'd like to include, not trying to "edit layout" per se.


Built the LL from scratch instead of duplicating an existing one then editing it, no crash. Still, one doesn't like crashes?



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