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how can i import plugins from VW2010 into VW2014?

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I have a handful of useful productivity plugins that a past co-worker of mine created. My new company has updated our software to VW2014 and I can't get the plug-in's to work. They carried over into my workspace but say that they are not in plug-in's folder, however I have placed them into the 2014 plugins folder.

Is there a simple way to update these .vsm files so that 2014 can read/recognize them?

Any suggestions?

Thank You!

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Have you tried adding them to you user library Application Support/VectorWorks 2014/Plug-ins folder? They do not go in the Plug-ins folder that is inside the application folder.

Please add your computer specs to your profile so we know better how to help you.

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Try editing the workspace and see if the plug-ins show in the workspace editor.

Unless they are very old, or nor Vectorscript, they should at least show in the workspace editor.

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I only have one plugin that I moved from 2014 to 2015, and when I did that it would not work at first. Then I opened the Plug-In Manager, selected the custom plug-ins tab, selected the plug-in, clicked edit script, clicked OK, exited out of the Plug-In Manager, and then that plug-in ran fine. Go figure, but it made it work.

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Questioning wether the issue i'm seeing is related to the same depreciated calls

I'm having issues with vector script Modern Dialogs that work fine in 2014, but they are ?not working? in 2015.

The dialog seems collapsed in 2015.

I am wondering if it has something do to with the swap to cocoa. I'm running OS X Mavericks.

screenshots below:


The code is as follows:

dialog1 = vs.CreateLayout('Select From this list', False, 'OK', '')

vs.CreateStaticText( dialog1, kListBox1, "My test String", -1 );

vs.CreateControl(dialog1, 4, ImagePopup, 'displayName', 0)

vs.SetFirstLayoutItem(dialog1, 4)

vs.SetBelowItem(dialog1,4, kListBox1, 0, 0)

myInt = vs.RunLayoutDialog(dialog1, dialog2_Handler)

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