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VWA 10 installation: text tool

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I just updated 9.5.3 to 10.0.1 from the installation disk onto a PowerBook G3 (Lombard) running OS X 10.2.3.

When I enter text and hit the <enter> button to accept the text, the bounding box normally disappears. In my case, the cursor remains waiting for more text or another action. I try <return> and it gives me a new line. The only way to accept the text and move on to another task is to mouse click onto another tool.

I have four licenses and installed the upgrade onto various other Macs and did not encounter this problem. All others are running the same version of OS and software.

Could you please enlighten me with a fix?

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Apple states that Jaguar will not run on the "original" powerbook. I also seem to remember that the original Power Mac G3/233 is not supported. The Apple website shows a beige G3 tower, which I believe is 266mHz, as supported. They do not show the desktop beige G3/233. You are probably right on the edge of having a powerful enough processor to run OSX.

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The correct behavior for the text tool is as follows -

Click on the text tool

Click in the drawing to create a text block.

Type in text

Hit return for a new line of text

To end the text tool, either hit the esc tool or select another tool from the toos palettes.

VW 9 and 10 support return entries for lines when previous versions did not have this support.

Also, in VW 10, tabs are allowed in text blocks.

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