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Stair section fill?!

Vincent C

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I hope there will be a way to avoid these Stair Problems by doing their geometry

with Parasolid Modeler one day as it was done for Roof Objects a while ago.

I think Clip Cubes and creating Cut Faces is one of the biggest Problems

in Software History ;)

I have never seen this working perfectly in any Software Package.

The Problem with Stairs Objects not being Solids but some kind of Meshes,

often with Faces having wrong Face Normals Direction, leads to Problems

in Rendering, especially GI calculations, and for most Exports.

Strange, but FBX Export seems to do a quite good job in correcting this

problem and those of other parametric objects like Windows.

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I cant seem to cut the stair correct in a section viewport.

The middle landing gets a fill, but not the stair.

Is there some settings i am missing?

have you tried the advanced section properties, the 'attributes' tab (section plane)?

and what is your stair's construction type, btw?


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According to my Norwegian vectorworks support guy it's a bug, but works in 2016.

But we are not moving the project over to 2016 before we have to send out the sections.

It helped a bit to change some of the settings like Rob suggested, but it still does not cut correctly.

Just have to fake it in annotations....

Its a concrete stair.


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