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Change elements in section view.

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I'm also interested.

Little similar.

I tried to model 3D as I would in Modo.

I wanted to draw a 2D section in Side View first.

Took a 2D image section, flip it vertical, to use it as a guide behind my drawing.

I'don't remember exactly which, but some restrictions held me from doing

this 3D and I went back drawing the section on a 2D ground floor.

Then you can take a Viewport of the section and aline it to a Side View.

But as most Architectural Elements work in 2D Plan + Height setting only,

the section is nothing more like a way to control your heights,

no way to model real 3D.

And I miss a 4 Window View to better understand and control my Architecture.

So I see VW more as 2,5D tool,

and work in Top Plan and use Story settings.

And I'm always in conflict if I should model with more tedious BIM tools,

with the ability to put Windows in Walls and further intelligence,

or better model the fast way with simple cubes only,

like I did in Microstation.

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