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Cancel Render 2015

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Yep. that's my experience too.

In some cases i could'nt manage to skip Renders. "ESC" didn't work.

It goes (always?) together with the RenderProcess bar on the bottom right being invisible. So VW looks like being stuck.

Just had no time to explore that further.

Due to other "effects" like broken pdf exports and so on.

I decided to stay at 2014 till the first Revision of 2015

have no time nor patience to deal with the State of usability of all these VW jjjj.0 releases.

Its taking away all the fun of the good things that come in year by year.

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I hit the ESC key until it stops :)

Sometimes there is a lag or the key gets lost.

It's difficult also when trying to rotate the perspektive.

Most of the time the rerender starts before the model

is rotated.

And I don't like much the linear single core function in Apps.

F.e. that you can't open anything else as long as a Dialog like

Organization window is closed.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

OpenGL is used as the preview render mode for RW render modes. The "Geometry" phase of OpenGL is no longer cancellable because we use the OpenGL geometry for fast preview and surface picking etc. Are you only seeing this on the first render for the file? If so then it may be the OpenGL part that is being generated and not canceling. Also make sure you are bringing VW to the front by using the Dock before canceling with the ESC key.

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