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How to draw a bath like this in 3d in vectorworks

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Ive got an image of a bath i need to model for a setting out drawing, please see below


Ordinarily i would draw a hemisphere, using the 3d tools group it and then stretch the group, but this would leave me with an Easter egg shape ie. symmetrical shape, how would i model a shape like this that is tear drop shaped, ie. narrower at one end than the other ?

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I would try this with Model > 3D Powerpack > Revolve with rail.

- you draw the top path (ellipse?)

- you draw the axis (in side view: off center)

- from path to axis, in a side view, you draw the section

Then you use the command. You could combine this with Shell solid to give it a thickness, and then cut or add parts, fillet edges and so on, depending on your preferred workflow.

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There are quite a few ways. The above will work great, you can also create a half-profile and use the Model > Sweep command, sweeping 180 degrees, then Shell as mentioned above to give the needed thickness.

A rough example:



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If you have a make and model search Google Warehouse first.......if you can't find that, my bet would be Jims Sweep Command, however i would draw a section of the bath as a polygon/polyline and sweep this, that way the inside and outside of the bath lining can have different shaped curves, plus you can easily edit the initial shape if it needs tweaking.....

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You can use the Extract tool in Extract Face mode on the outside, that will give you NURBS surfaces. It may need to be ungrouped right after the extract operation, it groups the results.

Make sure "Select Tangent Entities" is selected in the Extract options if you click on the face and only get a small portion of it highlighted in red at first.

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Then you get group of 3 nurbs surfaces.

I never succeeded to create 1 nurbs surface out of separate ones. Compose never worked and the combine tool I never got too do what I wanted.

But today I got it too work

- render mode: open gl

(in wireframe its not possible because you cant select the sides that are lying on each other)

- select combine tool

- select dual object combine mode

- select faces to combine

- use tangency matching mode

- result 1 nurbs surface

ubbthreads.php?ubb=download&Number=11175&filename=combine tool.jpg

Im happy!

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