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Sloped Hardscapes and Streets on DTM


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I am not sure if my qestion is clear, what I am after,

right now under 3D Type I do have Texture Bed Modifier but using this option doesn't allow a thickness of the object, I do have a 3D polygon as a site modifier underneath the hardscape but even without the 3d site modifier Polygon the hardscape as Texture Bed Modifier works because of the topography of the DTM, simply I am just looking for the thickness on a sloped walkway not as a texture bed.


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I might suggest drawing a 2d shape that represents your hardscape, extrude this (say 4") then rotate this to achieve the desired slope. You can then apply any texture you wish and place it above or on your pad.

This would not work if your trying to incorporate multiple slopes on a single shape such as sloping to a cath basin.

I have used the road tool on walkways before which allows you to adjust specified stake objects along the path and you do have an option to set the pavement thickness, path width and the stations allow for height adjustment on a dtm. I usually draw a polyline then create object from shape and select road nurbs.

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Note: Perhaps this is beyond the scope of what the OP asked, but... (also see below*)


This is a really tricky problem in VWs. There are many ways to fake it, for renderings and visual presentation, but I have never found a way to create an anatomically correct road (with curvature, camber, drainage, etc), or other such object. Even though you can create a Road which accurately follows user-defined slope parameters on a Site Model, the Road will be flat in section, which is obviously an over-simplified result. I have to accept that this is the limit of what we can do with VWs, therefore my solutions are usually two-fold in order to serve the two general results I am after. First, I need to show the client(s) a pretty picture which is more or less accurate; second I need to show a (road) builder exactly how to build it. The first can be accomplished by using the Road tools (for complex roads I like Nurbs Roadway for this, for simpler items like Pathways or Driveways often the Roof Face object can be used, sometimes in combination with Floors, etc.) with textures for paving, etc. Sometimes Walls are added where they will needed in real life. Sometimes cars, people, trees are added depending on what my goal is. When done using an accurate (survey based) Site Model, this approach gives me two important results: it generates the visual for the client, and it gives me the basic locational, elevational and curve data for the builder. What it lacks is the ability to generate an accurate Road Section (Profile). This can be done fairly easily in two ways: one, just draw the profile as we used to in the "old days". Two, cut a Section through the road and draw the road profile in Annotations. Both entail pretty much the same thing. Not a terrible compromise in my opinion. Hopefully that gives you some ideas!


*If a driveway is your goal, try a Roof Face object. It's the simplest method I have found (with all the above caveats included).

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Couple things I’ve been exploring lately: tilting slab hardscapes and Aligned Slab hardscapes in v2020.  They work really well!

Sloping a slab hardscape is quite similar to sloping a Pad site mod, with controls for slope and contour. To understand it, I needed a new word = “hinge”. The contour is  the hinge, or axis of the tilt.  I suggest creating, on a blank layer (no terrain or anything else),  a hardscape slab from a rectangle. Give them different line colors. Work in wire frame, split view, Top/plan on one side to see and adjust the slope and contour and cross slope controls.  Flyover view on other side to see how the slab tilt changes when the contour angle and slope graphics/values are changed. These slabs tilt but do not twist.


The Aligned slabs automatically tilt and twist to conform to 3d geometry edges that share plan projection with the slab, but have higher/lower z values, even varying z, even to several edges - eg an X shaped slab can rise/fall/twist to connect to a different z at each point of the X.  AND, the Aligned slab surface can be spot altered with stakes and grade lines for crowning or drainage. I’m a fan!



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Yes, Aligned Slab Hardscape (Site Modifier Bottom) - is very promising. I've even set it to align to nothing but then get all the available controls including Grade Lines, Stake objects, Profile Lines.

There are several peculiarities about the Hardscape Tool/Object that I really think should be addressed. Maybe they belong in a separate thread.

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