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How to make a horizontal section plan view port ?


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I have a 4 wall room in 3D with a built in bench in the corner with a wainscot & chair rail cap behind it. I am trying to make an enlarged detail plan with a horizontal section cut just above the bench seat, but below the chair rail cap showing the section cut profile line thru the wall and the wainscot. The Clip Cube does not allow a view port to be made of the top, only the sides, & even a section view port of the Clip Cube sides does not show as a correct section, no section cut profile lines. I do not see anywhere on how to make a horizontal section cut. I have tried make the 3D model a Hybird object, but it does not show correctly the section cut profile lines. The only way I have been able to show a detail plan & elevations, and sections of a corner shelf with in my 3D model is to copy & past the object into another design layer, then I can create a view port elevation & then a horizontal section detail plan.

Any suggestion ?

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how do you make a viewport of an object with in a model & not see the objects on the other side of the room? A section view port is the only way to get an interior elevation of a 4 wall model room unless you use clip cube but then it does not allow the horizontal section cut either.

How are you making a veiwport interior elevation with out seeing everything else in the room ?

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This is a JPEG of the model plan view showing the bench in the corner of my kitchen. The second jpeg image is an bench seat front elevation made from a Clip cube view port, problem it can only be seen in wire frame, not good for a detail elevation of the bench, if I select hidden lines I loose the clip cube view & see the whole model again. I was able to make a horizontal section viewport of the clip cube view but it is only in wire frame. The only way I can do the details of the bench seat, front, side, top/plan, & sections is to copy just the bench to another design layer.

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I'm confused as to whether you want an elevation, or a plan-section.

If you want an elevation of the bench:

1) make a section viewport looking at the bench (you can crop this viewport on the sheet layer to see only the part of the view you want)

To make the plan section, re-read previous posts:

1) make a viewport of the front of your model (not a section viewport. you will only see the wall in this view)

2) make a section viewport on the sheet layer cutting across your front view. This will give you the plan section.

3) you can move the cut line up or down as need to get the view you want. And again...you can crop this view to show only the parts you want.

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Well I guess it would be a section view port elevation of the bench seat, showing the cut section profile line of the adjacent wall & wainscot trim. You say to make a viewport of this bench in elevation but I do not see how you can make a viewport of a object with in a 4 room model. If I have the bench seat with out the walls, floor & ceiling, on a different design layer, then I can make a front elevation viewport & then the horizontal section viewport.

How are you making a viewport of an object against 2 walls with in a 4 wall room model with a floor & ceiling ?

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In order to help you....I need to know if you know the difference between a viewport, and a section viewport. If you're not sure, let me know so we can move forward.

Try this: select : modify>create section viewport. Draw the section line from in front of the bench left to right, then double-click in the direction you want to see. A dialogue box will open....you can accept the defaults for now. It will place a section viewport onto a sheet layer, looking at your bench.

Did it work?

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Yes I am very sure of the difference of a Section Viewport & a Viewport. You can call this view anything you want, but in typical drafting, this enlarged detail elevation of the bench seat would show the adjacent wall & wainscot trim as a section cut profile line. Attached is a jpeg of the only way I can get this detail elevation of the bench, by using the creat section viewport tool under the view menu. This detail elevation view is correct, what I'm not able to do is to make a enlarged detail plan view, showing a section cut profile line thru the adjacent walls & wainscot trim.

I do not see how you can make a "creat Viewport" viewport elevation of an object with in a 4 wall model. Regardless what you call it, how do you make a enlarged detail plan of the bench seat & adjacent walls showing the profile cut thru the walls & wainscot trim. The only wall is to make your model a Hybird object, but then this changes the model & does not show it correctly.

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The instructions given earlier are correct. You're just going to have to try it. Make a front view viewport of the whole model. This will get placed on a sheet layer. Then create a section viewport through the viewport, looking down. You will get the plan section you're looking for. Then crop it as needed.....

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Thanks, finally I get it, in making the view port, it is of the whole model, this is what I did not understand, because I was seeing thru the whole model, not just the bench. I see that this is the way to make a proper floor plan view, cutting thru the walls where you want.

Thanks again!

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