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upgrading to 10.0.1 in OS X 10.2.3

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Vectorworks said there may be a problem. We are running VW 10.0.1 on 5 machines with OS X 10.2.3 BUT....we installed VW 10.0.1 before we installed OS X 10.2.3. It is the order of installation that I think is causing the problem. I click on the VISE install for VW 10.0.1 and it sits there saying 60 files left to be installed. Eventually (I have waited up to 35 minutes) I force quit and go cry....

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If you are using the updater as a download from our website, depending on the internet connection you have, can take as long as an hour. It's almost 30 mb in size. If you have dial up, it's going to take a looooong time.

There are some people with cable and dsl that have done it and it's taken over 45 mins.

As long as you havne't gotten an error message, it hasn't crashed or stopped.

If after 45 mins, it still hasn't finished and you are on a fiber, cable or DSL connection, restart the computer and try again.

If all else fails, you can always contact CS to have the 10.0.1 CD shipped to you.

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Thanks Katie--

I talked to you several times yesterday and I'm sure my case file says "Idiot cannot install 10.0.1." Thanks for you help and VW is shipping 10.0.1 CD to me today. I will try to install the upgrade again and just walk away from my machine. What is that saying about a watched pot? Maybe they were right.



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