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Vectorworks 2015

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Jim, no.

in mail:

We appreciate your interest in the Vectorworks? product line.

We have received your request. Once approved, you will receive a follow-up email containing your serial number and download instructions for your trial.

If you have any questions about your trial please contact our technical support team at tech@vectorworks.net or 443-542-0411.

Best regards,

Nemetschek Vectorworks


at trial page

Unexpected Error.

Our records indicate that your email address has already received an evaluation download and serial number of our software. Please call us at 410-290-5114.

maybe records from trial 2014?!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Is there going to be a "client" version of the nomad app so we could let them navigate models of their project without having to be sitting beside them? I hope so, it would help communication.

There have been talks of this, they agree it would be a really nice way to quickly hand 3D files to customers. But at the moment its only accessible via your Service Select account.

Its very likely that new features will be added to Vectorworks Remote and Nomad separate from Vectorworks release versions, its a bit easier to develop faster with the mobile tools.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The majority of these cases are resolved by restarting either the Package manager or the computer entirely. Then, selecting a smaller library to download rather than the "Install All" option.

However, if after doing this once or twice anyone reading is not able to get the downloads to start, contact support directly and we will be getting more information from you.

This seems to primarily affect Mac users from what we are seeing so far.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
Anyone else having some issues selecting and deselecting objects? I'm getting a lot of unregistered clicks. I'm sure there are a million reasons that could be happening but just throwing the issue out to see if it's common.

Could you please post the details of your hardware and OS, or add them to your signature in a similar manner to mine?

Having the issues in any file or one in particular?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

This is the K key behavior:

If the users presses the K key when the cursor is still on the last vertex point, then the object is simply closed.

But if the user already started drawing another segment and then presses the K key, the last segment will be extended (keeping it's angle) until it's perpendicular under the start point.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee
I think there should be an option to K-close from last clicked point in VW preferences. I hate having to hold my breath hoping I do not move my mouse, it's also difficult if various snaps are on and underlying geometry is on. Please take this into consideration as a wish list item.

Submitting request now.

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