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Stacked Walls



I haven't seen a post on this that I could find. I'd like to design a wall(s) where I would have, for example, a brick skirt (brick veneer about 36 high from the bottom of the wall with siding above the brick skirt. I did a quick experiment but using the component offsets and adding a thin layer of siding and it looks ok in plan and in 3d. The trouble comes when inserting a door (opening) and want trim on the outside for the siding portion. What it does is create a recess at the brick. See pic.

Any thoughts our there on how to do this properly?


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I think this can be worked around by creating a symbol of the door, then the wall hole component of the symbol will cut all the way through each component within the wall properly.

But this being the default behavior for inserting a door into a styled wall is no good. Would you mind posting a mock-up of what the expected appearance should be, or an image of what it would look like finished in real life for reference?

In any case, I'll work with it and submit it as an issue.

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This is a very good example that I found of what I'm talking about. This kind of detail of course could be brick instead of stone or stucco instead of siding. The skirt itself can be any height. This is a very common design feature for many homes and even small commercial buildings. REVIT has a function that they refer to as stacked walls; essentially a single wall with the ability to place different materials on top of each other and also create reveals or sweeps like sills and put openings in them that cut the materials appropriately.

See Pic attached.

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Did stacked wall components get added as a request? Or did I miss that function? As far as I can tell, a new wall component has to be outboard of existing components. Top/Bot offsets are vertically adjustable, but no negative values allowed for thickness. No control of horizontal offset from wall center/face.

The workaround of adding a thin component does not always work, as in the stack of stone block, stone ledge & wood batten siding in the jpg. The workaround of stacking walls to represent each component seems easier, but kind of counter to PIO driven workflow (not my fave anyway). May as well skip the fussy wall dialogs, and just use extrudes with proper classing.

Wall components need control of offset from wall center, maybe with a clash warning where overlap occurs.


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