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I am trying to get to grips with using the issue manager for our title blocks.

Currently we use edit issue data to input our issue information, Which gives us the options to show;

Issue Number :iNo

Note :iNote

Approval :iAppr

Date :iDate

This works fine, however when trying to issue 50 odd sheet it becomes a bit of a task going through each one separately and inputting the data each time, so I came across the issue manage where you can input it on to a number of sheets at once but have hit a snag with some of the information conflicting or not being able to input it using the manager.

these being in simple terms are

if one sheet is already issue C, another B, and another A, when you want use the issue manage it does not recognise that it has been issued previous and the new issue information across all sheets is given the same issue number. Is there a way getting the manager to see the previous issues and continue the numbering?

Next is in the manager there is no option to add information for the Approval space. Can this been activated?

Many Thanks

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Hi James,

Is there a way of getting the manager to see the previous issues and continue the numbering?

Yes. This is done through the ?Edit Issue Data? button in the OIP when the titleblock is selected and not through the ?Issue Manger? found under the ?File? menu. See screen shot 1.

When selected, you can edit the number of past issuances that you want to appear as well as add a new issuance. See screen shot 2.

Can the approval space be activated?

Yes. This is activated through the OIP as well when you select the ?Edit Revision Data? button. See screen shot 3. The behavior is a lot like the edit issue data.


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You might be interested in this thread.


I highly recommend downloading the two scripts that are noted. There is a chance VW 2015 has addressed the need for these two typs of interface with the Issue Manager: 1) wiping out all Issue Data in the current file 2) Editing the Date or Name of a previously issued sheet set as a group of sheets instead of sheet by sheet.


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Thanks Both,


this is how we are doing it at the moment but it gets a bit long winded adding the same information to 50 odd sheets individually, which is where the issue manager is great. But like I said that also has it's limitations. as with many of the tools in VW.


I am a little unsure how to run/install the script could shed a little light on this and I will try it out.

Fingers Crossed for 2015.


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From your resource browser create a new resource and select Script Palette. Name it something like 'Tools'. Then create another new resource and select Script. Give it a name such as 'Revise Issue Manager'. From the Resource Browser select the arrow next to Script Palettes and then right click your new Revise Issue Manager Script and select edit. Cut and paste the script text that was posted into this section. Be sure to select Vectorscript as your language at the top. Save.

From the window menu, pull down to Script Palettes for your drawing file and open your Tools Palette. Double click on your new tool to run the script.

Move this palette and/or script around to any of your files just like any other internal resource that is managed by the Resource Browser.

Both scripts can be run with this method.

Hope this helps.


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