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EPSF - Sometimes it works sometimes it don't


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I'm having some trouble exporting EPSF.

Especially with one file. I'm importing to Illust 9.0.2

and I get the image but when I embed ? poof it disappears.

and with other files i get the image but again when I embed I only get a

small portion of the original and at a way different scale.

Are there any hard, fast rules for exporting EPSF?

Can VW eport 3D wireframe as EPSF?

Thanks for the Help

PB G3 500 w/256ram 9.0.2

VW 9.5.3

Illus 9.0.2

MB version 1.0 - 6'-00" 170lbs, sorta greish blue eyes and a little bit of brown hair, glasses, funny looking knees

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What are you setting for the preview in the epsf export from VW?

What are you using for the Preview Format?

Are you saying when you embed it in Illustrator you get this problem ?

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Are the first two questions the same?

I've been using the default whatever that is . I think 8 bit tiff or something.

Yes when I embed the preview image disappears and I only get a portion of the drawing and it's at a much larger scale than the preview. I messed around a bunch and I am not exactly sure what I did or what the problems were but here goes a list:

Layer Links are a huge problem. I think

Layers with vastly different scales ie 1/4" and 1:200 are a problem.

Multiple layers might be a problem


curved polylines and arcs with humongoid radii

going to fast is also a problem.

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