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9.5.2 Problems

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We are using 8.5.2 and 9.5.2 on Dell Pentium 4 machines running Windows NT.

We upgraded from Tiny Celeron machines because it was imposiible to run 9.5 on these machines because it was so unstable. We also experienced lots of problems with 8.5.2 but it was usable.

On the new hardware we are still experincing a couple of problems with 9.5.2.

1) Having drawn a diagonal line and zooming in tight on the line, the line jumps and is viewed as a horizontal line. When zooming out the line reverts to its correct position. This happens only with some lines.

2) The screen does not scroll when dragging a line off the screen. Again this only happens sometimes.

Can you help?


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To scroll while drawing a line in VW 9, hold the cursor just inside the scroll bar going up and down on the right, or just inside the ruler if going left. The same is for up and down - just inside the application drawing window.

As for the line problem, it could be the video driver that is causing the problem.

You can right click on the desktop and select Properties. Click on the last tab and there should be an advanced button at the bottom.

Somewhere in that dialog box, depending on which OS you are on, it will tell you the manuf., make and driver version of your video card.

Compare that version number to the latest on the manufacturer's website. If you have an older or out of date driver, update to the newer version and see if that remedies the problem.

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