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Problematic Mapping: Round Texture onto an extruded circle

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To represent an adhesive floor decal, a circle of the correct size is created and extruded with zero thickness, then positioned slightly above the actual floor in the design. (Z= 0.5 in) The circle was created with the Create Object dialog box with a center set to "0, 0"

The Texture is a JPEG image, cropped to the exact diameter in "Photoshop". The size of the texture is set to match the diameter of the circle.

When the texture is applied, it looks incorrect in several ways. The Image is backwards (In Final Render Mode) and the location is offset down (or up for that mater ? ) by about 50%. Change the Vertical location in the Obj Info dialog box and the texture moves horizontally. Change the vertical location and the position is almost correct. Based on a guess of 50% - The texture should just be centered on the circle

The size is just slightly small compared to the extruded circle. To adjust this, switch to the Attribute Mapping tool. Viewing in Top Plan, there is no ability to adjust the Textures location. Only the "pointing finger of selection" is available. This appears to be based on the fact that the texture, now shifted from Perimeter to Plane Mode, is rotated 90 degrees (Z, X) to the flat 3D extrude (X, Y)). (Why ?)

Click on the circle, with the "pointing finger" and the Texture bounding box appears ? But it is slightly rotated a few degrees clockwise. Undo. Try it again. No luck, the texture is rotated slightly. (see attached)

In the Obj Info Box, the Rotation is set to zero. Typing in "zero" does not get the actual rotation back to a real zero.

From this point on, the only way, it appears, to get the Texture to align accurately is repeated changing of the numbers in the object info pallet, combined with zooming in and out to see the result. A tedious process. One that is easier, by the way, in the original Perimeter Mapping Mode.

In the Obj Info Dialog Box "Update" does not appear to alter the angle. Reset Mapping reverts to Perimeter.

Major bug ? major headache, for what should be a simple texture application

What was interesting to stumble into was the Sweep of the Circle. After attempting to create and extrude the original circle is several different methods with the same problematic result ? Change the sweep of the Circle to 359.99 degrees and the the Attribute Mapping tool no longer rotates the texture slightly. (This "converts" a Circle to an Arc) If you type in an even tighter number ? add a few 9's to it, the Arc will remain with a sweep of 360. This also makes for a functional Attribute Mapping Tool. Rest it to 360 and the Arc turns back into a Circle and the problems return


VW / RW Designer 2013

MacBook Pro Retina

OSX 10.8.5

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