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"Create Contours" function

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This is my first time posting.

I would like to know if there is a non linear way to create contours? I would to cut a set of contours at approx. 4' intervals into a 3D extrusion but I would like those contours to radiate from one point. I've attached a screenshot.


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Ah, sorry, I figured this misunderstanding would happen. I'm not talking about creating a 3D model from lines (like a site model for instance). I'm talking about using the 3D toolbox set called "Create Contours". It allows you to cut a 3D object into slices. Then you can manipulate those slices further.

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I agree with bcd. Create a duplicate of your object and slice it using the Split tool. Then you can use the Extract tool to pull the contours from the faces of the sliced objects.

This might make a good wish list item - a way to generate a 2d (polyline) or 3D (NURBS curve) "section" plane of an object without altering the existing object, much like what's possible in Rhino.


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The Contours tool is non destructive, but no polar/radial option.

The Split Tool works for this, but it's destructive, only one plane at a time.

To section on many planes in one operation, try Section Solids or Intersect Solids. Depending on which tool is used and which object is sectioned, the result can be contours history, it's outwardly a destructive process, so work on a copy:

?Draw the several 2d lines radiating from a point, per the screenshot. These represent the sectioning planes

?Select all these new lines.

?Extrude the selection. Result is a single object comprised of several planes. These will be the sectioning planes.

?Assign sufficient height to the new Extrude.

?Select the Extrude and the object to section. A flyover view might be helpful.

?Model>Intersect Solids. In the dialog, use the arrow buttons to determine which object gets sectioned and which is the sectioning object.

Convert to NURBS ( result is NURBS surfaces), or Extract the curves - Enable the pref for Select All Entities - & compose (result is NURBS Curves).



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