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Vectorworks 2015 , 64bit and other technical questions

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

1) That sounds like you have two different versions installed, one that IS in the c: \ programms \ Vectorworks2015 folder and the shortcut is linked elsewhere.

2) Haven't been able to lock down a general lag cause so far, I have only been able to replicate a few of the very specific scenarios that lag for users.

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I have similar issues with Vectorworks 2015, not just me but all 6 of us in the office have these issues:

1. If i change Dongles to a different dongle than the one use for the installation Vectorworks 2015 refuses to start reporting "a dongle was not found... Vectorworks will now quit" ´There is no chance to enter the Serial number for the attached dongle, as there always has been in the past. It's a pain.

2. Vectorworks 2015 pauses every few minutes, on our macs we get the beach-ball effect. It is not only very annoying it also negatively affects productivity. Hope this gets fixed very soon.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

2. Vectorworks 2015 pauses every few minutes, on our macs we get the beach-ball effect. It is not only very annoying it also negatively affects productivity. Hope this gets fixed very soon.

Not sure about the dongle issue yet, or at least I haven't come across that case so far, but the random lag should be corrected very shortly.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

In fact, SP1 was just released for 2015, you can get it here:


And the details of what was fixed can be found here:


The names of the items listed are a bit cryptic, let me know if you (anyone reading) would like clarification on one of them.

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Hey everyone!

I've just downloaded the Service Pack 1 hoping it will resolve my problem. Everything works perfectly fine until I want to resize the vectorworks' window. It just crashes. Every time I try to maximize/minimize the window, there's a several seconds lag and then the pop up 'vectorworks stopped working'. what can cause it ? I cannot work properly on my uni project. Any thoughts/suggestions ? thanks!

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

My first guess would be that a driver is out of date, which can cause crashes related to changing the drawing area size.

This driver is specific for your card (Other users reading this should NOT try the driver unless you have the exact same graphics hardware listed in the above post), download and install it, reboot, then retry Vectorworks:


If it still fails after that, make sure to get in touch with support directly and they can troubleshoot.

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Just read SP1 release notes. The lag issue wording reminded me of an issue that I am having and also had in 2011. I occasionally get a lag after an operation which goes away when i move the mouse. I think it got introduced after i had issues with my mouse. Cannot remember exact curcumstances of change in mouse other than i think mouse driver was updated. Possibly related to using a logitech mouse.

Probably not related but thought i would mention it just incase it rang any bells.

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I don't think you have PDf data as textures or 2 GB HDRI images.

So not really related to your problem.

In general, Textures load faster as TIF than as JPEG or GIF as the

renderer has to decompress these each time.

(I learned this years after I converted all of my textures to JPEG

for file size reasons :) )

BTW the file worked well in 2014 and older OS X ?

Would it still work in 2014 with OS X 10.10 ?

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I have always used PNG for my textures out of habit, I never noticed extracting always gave you PNG even if the source was another format, I'll ask about it.


In the meantime, send me one of those textureful files that you're seeing the delay in, I can test it here with a number of versions to see where the delay started. A link to it is fine if the file is too large to email, or just let me know at tech@vectorworks.net and I can send you an upload link, reference this thread in your email please.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Just habit mainly, I work with a lot of varying applications and PNG happened to be a common supported format. all the stuff I made had to be small and compact so it worked better than JPG at the time. I never picked it based on its performance in Vectorworks explicitly.

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JPG is best for image files with large variation in detail and color

like Photos and grass textures etc.

PNG like GIF is best for vector graphics, like texts or technical drawings

with marginal color variation. And I think it supports an alpha channel.

Both have comression loss.

BMP and TIFF are kind of raw data.

TIFF can be compressed (f.e. LZW) but it is lossless, similar to ZIP.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'll get an official answer, just waiting on a quick meeting.

However, from what I know of how Vectorworks handles images, it is entirely possible that we convert all imported images into either JPEG or PNG automatically (when you import any image file, this is seen directly by the user) even though an imported image says it is a "Bitmap" when selected.

The same image import system is used when creating an image based texture, so its very likely that we auto convert images into PNG when they become textures and thats why when we extract the image back out, we get a PNG.

I'll post once I know the real answer for sure, however.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

A quickish test, create a new Administrator user account on the affected machine via these steps:


Then, log into the new account, launch Vectorworks (it may ask for your SN, have that handy) and then try the renderings again. Let me know the results.

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