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first dutch teaser vw 2015?

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Clever way to get around the NDA! By simply saying "What if", our Dutch friends are only speaking hypothetically, and are neither confirming nor denying what is in the latest release.

Funny! I guess we?re all familiar with the 50 shades of weirdness that usually accompanies VW releases.


So Bob, you signed a NDA and would like to confirm, or should I say "hypothetically" confirm, that you and co are both beta testers trying your "clever" ways to get around NDAs?

I've got a question for y'all (beta testers) that shouldn't breach your NDAs, is 2015 going to be a well-behaved and stable release?

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Back on topic, and assuming the teaser is legit, "materials quickly can be assigned and that it can be directly used in an OpenBIM workflow", is attention grabbing.

Isn't perhaps MATERIALS :owith IFC classing and plugin malleability more the focus of the teaser, than the curtain wall tool itself??? Too optimistic?

Keep in mind that "materialen" in Dutch can mean both "materials" and "textures". Besides, you can already use your VW BIM in an OpenBIM IFC based workflow, it's being done with VW 2014. Although not many people realize that, so maybe that's what they are hinting at.

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Developers of Allplan 2015 made own(imho) real-time renderer(path-tracing closer), moved from c4d(i don't think that is IR renderer in c4d and somehow it was ported)

There is interesting, will VW moved to c4d r16 with new reflectance model of material, will be nice feature for engineers or metal designers, I remember Jim's chrome analysis :)

Or made something anything

I touch only vis and view-port interactive sides of VW

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will VW moved to c4d r16

As a result of a 'partnership' formed with Adobe last year, Maxon basically gives Cinema 4D Lite away for free with After Effects. We pay for Renderworks (C4D Lite?).

This year both Allplan and ArchiCAD have gained comprehensive CineRender integration, so it seems likely Renderworks will also receive a big bump in capability as well.

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