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How to select several objects while in eyedropper tool? or other command

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Very new to vectorworks and using 2014 version at my new job. I'm very comfortable with autocad, and get very frustrated that vectorworks 2d drawings seem to take twice as long as they do in Cad because of lack of basic options. Maybe i'm missing something and you guys can help me out. I'm currently converting a set of elevations that are all in the same lineweight to add thicknesses and adjusting grayscale. I've figured the "eyedropper" tool is the fastest way to do that. I select a line, take it's properties with the eyedropper, then switch to the paintbucket mode and have to click line by line to give my elevation wanted effect. If i have a group of lines i want to change all at once, i have to exit my command, click "x" key, select my group of lines, only then i can "paint" all of them together, then i'm back to painting line by line. I notice that with any command, especially with "move" and "offset" command. I have to completely exit my command, select the new line or selection and start from the beginning. I really hope that there is a faster way of making selections while IN the command. I hope i'm making sense! It would be so much faster if i'm in the "move" mode and i can keep making several selections without having to exit, click "x", select, then go back to the move mode. Is there a vectorworks setting that will allow me to be more efficient in my work?

thank you for reading my rant, and I welcome any advice! TIA

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Couple things might help

Use key commands/shortcuts to toggle between Selection and Eyedropper tools:

As you noted, press x to activate the Selection Tool, make your selection.

Then press Shift E to reactivate Eyedropper.

Learn to class objects and control attributes through their class definition. Enable the Use at Creation option at top of class creation dialog. Change the definition and all objects in the class take the new attributes. Assign an object or group of objects to a different class, it/they acquires the attributes of the new class.



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Welcome! Please add a signature so we can see if you're on Mac/PC and what version of the software you're using.

First of all forget AutoCAD, vectorworks works a lot more like for example illustrator or other graphics programs when it comes to 2D.

If you want to change multiple objects attributes, i suggest you use the magic wand selection tool and then simply change the selected object settings in the attributes palette. There is also a custom selection command that allows very specific selection settings.

Most tools allow for new selection when active by pressing and holding the cmd/ctrl key.

VWs also allows for copying when pressing alt.

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