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First steps with Python


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I wanted to port some of my Document-Based Pascal Scripts to Python. Not because it ist necessary, just to learn something.

I tried just to build a Python example with some commands from the Vectorworks Namespace.

def Test():
   Text = 'Hello Vectorworks.'
   vs.AlrtDialog( Text+' This should work, or not?')

The "AlrtDialog" seems to work. vs.moveto and vs.lineto do not want

Many thanks for some ideas!


Error Message:

Traceback (most recent call last):

File "", line 7, in

File "", line 5, in in Test

AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'moveto'

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Guest Jim Kelly

It's a case sensitivity thing - notice that you have "moveto" as the method name and not "MoveTo" and "Lineto" and not "LineTo".

Just ensure the case matches up here:


You can also use the information at the bottom of here:


to use an IDE when developing that will autocomplete for you and/or do linting to tell you if a method doesn't exist.

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Wow, a stupid alpha error.

(vectorscript is not case-sensitive)

Thank you so much!

Just to complete, the running code:

import vs

def Test():
Text = 'Hello Vectorworks.'
vs.AlrtDialog( Text+' This should work, or not?')

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Guest Jim Kelly

Oh wow, actually that brings me back now that you mention it, because Pascal was my second programming language, and I guess now that you mention it, yes it wasn't case sensitive. Blast from the past. :)

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