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Anybody an idea how to create this?

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You'd have to create it manually in VW.

Its pretty easy to create in Rhino using Grasshopper (node based scripting). There are some tutorials online. You could download the demo and give it a try. Grasshopper installs separately. Its very intuitive and easy to use.

Its also possible in using Xpresso in C4D. I bet you could also find a tutorial for this online though I've never looked.


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As Kevin says, it's manual in VW. Lots of steps.

As Kevin & Grant say, other software may be very helpful.

But for the hardy (or foolishly hardy):

Because of the curves, what's needed is a single NURBS surface - one for each face image - presented as a properly sized hex pattern with fillers for the image. The NURBS surface can be bowed if needed. Shell the NURBS surface(s) to required thickness. Sorry, no easy way to radius all the edges.

One way to get there:

Draw all the elements in 2d - hex grid and face elements.

Add surface - result is a single poly with holes

Trim to proper aspect - still a 2d poly

Extrude at 0 thick - now it's a 3d surface

Extract surface - result is a single NURBS surface.

Panels can be bowed if needed.

Shell the panels after they are placed in the walls.



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Thanks for al the tips.

The hard part is the difference in size between the several triangles.

I tried it in c4d with mograph. It wasnt possible like with surface array command.

Trying to use rhino now, you can use grasshopper for this kind of things.

Also saw armadillo plugin, its the surface array plugin on steriods, jim... ;)

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Kevin - Nice demo videos! Thanks for referencing!

Buzz & Kevin - Aren't the triangles all same size in the built version of the linked image? Except where they intersect the borders or get filled by the image blockouts?

Or do you insist on generating this via image sample? Why? Seems like way more work and uncertainty setting up the Grasshopper than just modeling the items. Plus, as pointed out, the image sample process will have to deal with perspective, lens distortion, etc. The final drawing may have problems with dimensional accuracy and constructability.

Buzz, just curious - What's the desired product? A poster/concept drawing? A constructed space in a museum or exhibition? You have the best projects!


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Yes they change at the sides of the pannels, the intersections and between the different images.

I wanna make it with a image or another kind of input.

I'm doing some research with this and want to generate results fast so i can do a lot of experimenting.

If i have to draw everything by 'hand' i would be a veryyyyy long proces. If i use images in grashopper i can easily change the image in photoshop and create a different/beter result. In this way its easy too tweak it as well.

At the moment im busy with desiging a table. For the moment thats all im going to say about it ;-)When there is something in real life i surley will show it.

Haha the best projects, yeah right. Im just trying to learn a lot to eventually get the best projects ;-)


Thanks for the tut`s. Will take a look at them!

Thanks for al the response and help so far, i really appreciate that!

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