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VectorWorks Processor Usage in OS X

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I am trying to determine why Vectorworks 9.5.3 runs so sluggish in Mac OS 10.2, and have been using the utilities that come with OS X to try and find an answer.

When running the Terminal application and using the TOP command you get a list of all running applications on your coumputer and the percentage of processor usage for each one sampled every second.

When VectorWorks is the active application it seems to use no less than 50 percent of the processor and usually much more. Even when there is no document open Vectorworks is often eating up 65 to 75 percent of the processor, and with documents open it grabs as much as 85 to 90 percent, especially after plotting a drawing.

If I check the same thing for any other OS X application the usage rarely goes above 50 percent, and when no documents are open, these other application show zero to two percent usage.

When one application chews up 90 percent of your processor, it does not leave much left over for such applications as mail, dock, file sharing, or Finder, not to mention anything else you might have running in the background.

I understand that a CAD application should use more of the processor than some other applications, but it seems that these numbers are a little high, and why would they be so high even when there is no active document?

I am just trying to fine tune this application to run as smoothly as it used to and am getting a bit tired of the spinning lollipop after every action.

Can anyone at NNA explain if what I am seeing is the expected behavior or is this a problem?



G4 466 MHz, 896 MB Ram

VW 9.5.3, OS 10.2.2

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We have the same type of problem with a TI Powerbook 800 in our office. The computer gets extremely hot.

Our Powerbook Firewire (500) does not seem to have the same problem. We have contacted both Apple and VW support. So far, no reasonable explanation. Hearing that others are having same problem makes me believe it is more a software problem than a hardware issue. Hey, eliminate one thing at a time!

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I have the same processor problem, on a Ti 667 running 10.2.4 with 512 megs of ram. I thought it was something that got corupted, so I did a reinstall, then upgraded to 9.5.3 from 9.5, one point at a time. The problem came up when I went from 9.5.2 to 9.5.3. My cpu monitor pegs whenever VW is the front app. even with no windows or palletes open. Can I go back to 9.5.2 running 10.2.4? What will I loose?

Thank you,


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You'll loose full compatibility with VW.

The processor usage is not affecting anything in VW nor should it affect the speed or processor usage of other applications as it is only idle processor usage.

The engineers are working on addressing this issue for a future update.

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