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Replacing a Texture



I would like too see the introduction of a couple of options for replacing one texture with another:

1. I would like to see an option 'Replace' when right clicking a texture, the idea being that we can replace one texture with another, (in essence we simply log all objects with one texture to another texture).

Perhaps one could simply drag and drop one texture onto another in the RB and get a dialog asking 'Replace' with options Yes, No and Cancel?!

2. When deleting a texture I would like to get an option to map all objects using that texture to another existing texture. (basically similar to when we delete classes and we get an option to move all objects to another existing class.)


The reason for this being that my libraries are ever developing and becoming better and each time I create a new, better, texture to replace an old one I would like old files and existing symbols to quickly adopt these new textures..... this would also be very useful when new versions of Vectorworks are released with new functions and there is a need to replace old textures. (an existing example would be when Renderworks moved to Cinema 4D from Lightworks......)

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Agreed, makes perfect sense. I do this now via class texturing, but it would be much easier to have it replace-able as a resource, removing the need to class objects for this purpose if that was the only reason.

Also, it isn't always possible to control textures via class, as often class needs to sort the object by way of what it is or what it does, rather than the texture it is using. Not to mention objects that have multiple components that are not class-able individually.

Submitting request now.

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