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hatches on walls


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is it possible to apply a hatch to a wall so that the hatch shows up on a 3D model in isometric views .... with hidden line rendering ?

If so ... please tell me how. I tried to apply it as I would for a texture, but it doesn't work ... unless there is some preference setting I can't find.

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The current method is to use the Extract Tool to extract the surface of a wall into a Planer Object. Be sure to set this in the settings of the tool. Once created you can apply any 2d hatch to this plane and get it to show in 3D.

You can use the Attribute Mapping Tool for origin, rotation, scale, etc.

Be sure to toggle on Display Planer Objects in the OIP of the SLVP.

The down side is that the extracted planes float over the wall surface and the two have to connection. Future edits to walls or windows will also have to be made to the extracted planes.

Its a toss up whether this method is better or worse then 2d hatches in annotations of elevation view ports. It depends on the job. However, if you need 3D hatch this is the only method I know of.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

You can make a texture that uses the same repetition as a hatch (for bricks and other common hatches you can use the default render shaders just make sure you get the size right and make the 'bevel width' the same as the grout width if using Tiles as a shader) - you just wont have 'vector' based lines so you will need a high DPI to keep it crisp. You can then set the background render to a suitable render style and the foreground to hidden line. Tends to work best with a grey pen/grout colour as it softens the drawing and looks a little more like you used a pencil. Its not to everyones taste but hope it helps!

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This is what I have been hoping for.

I have upgraded to 2015, and now I am feeing a bit stupid as I cannot figure out how to get a hatch onto my 3d wall.

I don't want a coloured texture, just the hatch.

I'm sure its very simple and so I/m hoping someone might be able to point me int he right direction?



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Thanks again - I have got this working and it will save me a lot of time.

My next puzzle with this however, is why are the lines on my walls (weatherboard hatch) not meeting at the corners? I can't see any settings on the walls that are indicating a different origin of the hatch, but something must be wrong.

Any clues anyone?

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