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file format for 3d printing


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How an object is rendered shouldn't affect its ability to be 3d printed.

Do you know what software your friend is using to open and print the file? Normally files for 3d printing are exported as STL files ( File>Export>Export Stereo Lithography ) from VW. An STL file is made up of polygons. The file you're exporting needs to contain closed 3d objects (ie. solids or closed meshes). STL files are then processed into a file the 3d printer can understand (varies by 3d printer). These files are usually created by software included with the printer.

I 3d print VW files all the time so it is possible. If you continue to have trouble you could post an example file. Also, please add a signature to your profile (Under My Stuff at the top of this page) that details your system and version of VW. That could help us solve your issue.


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