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Dimensioning 3D projections in Viewport Annotation

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When I dimension an object in a 3D view in VW 2012 (such as an isometric) in its Design layer, I get a correct dimension value. However, when I try to do the same in the Viewport annotation, the dimension line displays the wrong number (namely, the 2D flattened distance instead of the actual object's dimension). Any way of fixing this? I prefer dimensioning in the Viewport annotation to dimensioning in the design layer.

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No cure on the Sheet layers. They are screen plane only.

Workaround you probably know. But for those wanting to try:

Create a new class for the 3d dimensions, draw the 3d dims on the design layer and put them in the new class, set the class visibility as you want in the DL and visible in the SLVP.

This is not great, because different views need different orientation for the dims.

If possible, set the design layers to a scale as close as possible to the intended sheet layer viewport scale, so that line weights, text size are about same. If needed, adjust the VP text, line, marker scale in the VP Advanced Properties near bottom of the OIP when VP is selected.

Whew! Lotsa work.


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While I am still running VW - RW 2013 on my laptop, I have NEVER been able to get the Layer Plane Dimensions to look correct with a rendered perspective view. It is always jumbled text.

I assumed it was one more "feature" that would eventually work but as it stands I had abandoned it.

Recently I stumbled on a bug that appears to correct the jumbled text in a Layer Plane Dimension (see attached file) if the persecutive is set so that there is an object in the the way visually, the dimension text looks as expected (rear left dim). No object then the text is jumbled (front right dims).

The jumbled text, I find, is always the norm with a rendered perspective view - Peter

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Yep, the issue is that "It works in 3D while you're on the design layer" was the original answer, but the standard practice has been to dimension in annotations for a number of reasons, these two conflict.

I am fairly certain the resolution will be allowing proper 3D dimensioning in annotations, but I am not sure when.

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