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Animations- Settings for your camera to move smoothly

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Hi , i've recently started messing around with the move along path feature in Vectorworks. I'm stuck trying to get the camera to move smoothly around the drawing... is there is standard setting that should be generally applied to achieve this??

Looks nasty when the camera moves in step by step motion :/

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The only way to ensure that the camera will move smoothly is to try to keep that line as flat as possible in the editing window between cameras/saved views.

If you aren't able to flatten that line out, then normally the best way around it is to add more views until you can, a view between the one before it and the one after it. The more views you use, the easier it will be to control not only the speed of the view but also the exact angles it passed through.

However, the tool is very much in need of a UI upgrade and it is definitely in the works.

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The easiest way to help get the flat seppd line is to plan your views. Try drawing the path first, then set up your views at regular intervals along the path. This should help.

For really powerful and smooth animations, check out Ainimationworks from the Australian distributor www OzCAD.com.au

I have written a manual on both the Vectorworks animations and Animationworks, along with some tips and tricks:


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#1 - OZCad Animation Works is the way to go ?

#2 RW alone, set an object out in the distance to "look at" - a 3D Locus for example, and give it a name. Then set the views to look at that point.

You may need an initial view that is to far out to start and a view that goes beyond where you think the view should be at the end. (Then edit with Quicktime Pro - the excess at the beginning and end where the animation "picks up speed" from the standing start and "slows" to a stop at the end. Set sufficient views, but less is more may also be better - Peter

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