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OK, I'm on a mac G3 running OS9.x & HP330, with no plans to upgrade to OSX in the near future. I'm thinking of upgrading to VWA10 and my plotter driver to Microspot Graphic Pack 5.1.2. My total cost is would be around $875...not chump change. Can someone tell me if I will have ANY problems PLOTTING before I take this plunge?? All advice, so far, has been GO FOR IT!!

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We have used VWA 10.0 and Microspot Graphic Pak 5.1.2 for quite a while. Worked great. We recently upgraded to OS X and had to go to Microspot X-rip. Had some difficulty getting everything working but Microspt had great support and we got it done. We use and HP450C plotter. Before going to OS X, verify that X-rip will support your plotter. Their list of supported plotters is much different than earlier versions.

Go for it!

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We recommend MicroSpot for printers requiring RIP software on the Mac Platform.

They work very well and are very stable.

You will need to get a different MicroSpot software package for OS 10. This is something to consider if you are planning on getting the OS 9 version now and the OS 10 version later.

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