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UV Mapping for Coolux Venue Site



Hey Team!

We are a production company that uses a product called Coolux for projection mapping and warping. They have created a video pre visualisation software called venue site and Id really like to be able to send models from Vectorworks to this program to be able to map video content on to the geometry in my drawing.

I've just started discovering about UV mapping and its all a little new to me. Id like to hear what you guys might know about all of this.

At a glance it seems that UV mapping isn't supported by Vectorworks, it seems I would need to export my model to a third software program to add the UV information then send that into the Venue Site software.

Guys, I'm a little lost, can anyone help me out?

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Thanks Grant, Has anyone successfully utilised a lug-in to accomplish this? Also, is there any more cost effective programs that can be utilised purely for UV mapping? I don't really need everything that C4D can offer, Id only be mapping a texture and pushing it out to the other software anyway. Is there a free interim anyone has had success with?

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We have long used VW / RW to map a single texture across several planes - created as a single extrude. This is a single image, Planar Mapping. There is no tedious process of aligning separately applied instances of the same texture, although that process, if done mathematical is not to complex. (see the PDF file as an example) - The advantage of the UV mapping appears to be the mapping on complex geometry. -

Is this not akin to traditional illustration software like "Painter" ? - Peter

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What Hayden is trying to do is projection mapping, which is sort of reverse engineered UV's. The software compensates for the 3d physicality of the object being projected upon, making the projected image appear flat on a 3d object.

Here's a shot of the will. i. am. tour I helped design. The 3 inflatable heads are being projection mapped so that the image on them appears without distortion. One needs the UV map of the head to do that.

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Just an FYI, I know Blender has native support for UV mapping and is free. Actually it's quite amazing that it's free considering how powerful it is. That said there is a significant learning curve to Blender, but you can find some excellent tutorials online with a quick google search.

I've had success importing .3ds files exported from Vectorworks into the latest version of Blender to transfer geometry.


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