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The area taken by my viewports on a sheet layer seem bigger than they need to be. In fact, when they aren't refreshed, the red lines go way beyond the objects in the viewport. I've tried turning off layers and classes within the viewport to see if that makes a difference. It might have been something invisible when I created the viewports.

I tried adding a crop and that doesn't change the size of the actual viewport.

When I create viewports, I don't use a crop. I have only the classes and layers active that I need, so there is nothing else to crop out.

Attached is a screenshot of one of these. The orange highlighted area for the viewport of #5 is bigger than it needs to be. It extends over #4.

This doesn't affect anything other than being really annoying when my viewports aren't refreshed and the lines are everywhere.

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Thank you Peter. You solved it. There was a handle to a text box in the annotations that was way out to the side. My text box was way bigger than it needed to be. When I clicked on the text box I saw the handle appear on the other side of the page. Thank you so much! This has been bugging me for years.

When you are done entering text, the box should resize to the text!

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