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Schedule regeneration problems


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My boss and I work on the same files. (But do not have a server. We have to share them on Dropbox.) Every time one of us works on a drawing and regenerates the schedule (the report created by record formats), the size changes. We are both using Arial for the font and there seems to be no reason why it would change in size. This is a huge hassle when it comes to clouds and viewports. Any suggestions? The only thing we can think of is that he is on a Mac and I'm on a PC. But we are both using the same font and font size.

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The font is registering as the same size (for instance, if it's 10 point on my end, it is also 10 point when I get the file back from my boss). But the overall size of the worksheet changes and the fonts seem to stay relative to the field they are in, so it seems they are getting bigger and smaller too. So, in other words, if there is a word "Blender" with apparently 3 spaces after it in the column, the next time I get the file it will still look like it has 3 spaces after, but the whole thing is a different size.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Get in touch with support directly about that ( tech@vectorworks.net ) that definitely shouldn't be occurring.

To speed things along, include screenshots from both machines showing the issue as well as this from both the Mac and PC when you contact them:


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