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Importing autocad 3d


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I am trying to import an autocad 3d file without luck. I have imported 2d files no problem in the past. In this case the dwg document opens without any info/objects - it's completely blank. I am using VectorWorks 9.5.2 on Mac. The autocad file is version 2000. Any help would be appreciated.

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Hi, the file you are importing probably was drawn with ACIS based solids. (Somthing VectorWorks does not yet support)

In general it would probably be better to use IGES to transfer these types of objects, but you can convert them in AutoCAD to a format VectorWorks can read.

1) Take a copy of the AutoCAD file with a new name.

2) Select the Export command, and choose "3D Studio". Sekect the objects to be converted.

3) Select the "Insert 3D Studio" command and save the file.

4) Import the new file into VectorWorks.

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