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Quickly Produced Drawings

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Does Vectorworks Architect give the user the ability quickly create renderings like these? These were done using Chief Architect. I just took a look at the current version of Chief Architect. It has really come a long way and appears to be very easy to use. I just want to know if those of you Architect users feel it is just as simple to create renderings like these in a short time once you get to know the program?

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Hi Bruce, "quickly" and "short time" are relative and therefore fairly ambiguous terms. Do you mean a few minutes, or a few hours?

In my opinion, once a VW's user has the textures, the symbols (some may need to be custom created, like the lights perhaps) and the skill set, I think this type of interior can be produced in a few hours in VW's. The modeling is pretty basic and the scope is pretty limited. Setting up the rendering is done in seconds using the RW's Camera and RW's Styles are very useful and fast in this context.

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Peter, I mean a few hours. I need to spend some time looking at the "built-in" tools for creating quick space renderings like these. Do you know of any tutorial movies? When I look at the Chief Architect Overview Movies, they make it look so simple. Place a cabinet and drag its width to fit. Can VW Architect do that? Something I need to investigate.

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We constantly produce quick rendered designs. If we send out a PDF to a client, one page may be a Plan view and five will be rendered perspectives. A great collection of Hybrid Symbols and Class Based Attributes / textures are the trick.

I find that Cameras are interesting, but for speed,,, get the view, then save the view. Re save the view in a final rendered mode then ...

Export as Batch PDF also makes for a quick concise way to get out an e-mail able design. - Peter

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Hey Bruce,

I still contend that if you're heavy into cabinets and casework, get the "XS" flavor of interiorCAD. I think it's reasonably priced and very capable + you already know the user interface as it integrates nicely into Vectorworks.


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I remember watching the interiorCAD webinar you gave. It does look like a great addition to Vectorworks for those who want a much higher level of cabinet design and flexibility with cabinet elements like door and drawer construction and other customization. I'm not there yet since building "kitchen" cabinets is not my main focus. I'm just looking for a fast way to create a room setting to show a customer what I might build for them. I think the tools I need are in Vectorworks. I've never needed them in the past, but I think I will start to use them now and slowly add them to my workflow.

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A couple of salient points about interiorcad:

  • Though the main dialog is labeled "Cabinetmaker", with a little imagination and changing one's point of view, many other kinds of objects can be created, far beyond kitchen cabinets.
  • Cabinetmaker is really a collection of parameters which assemble into a very complex parametric object. One may use many or few of the values. For instance, take the back and front off a "cabinet", rotate to the ground plane, add a few partitions and one has a ladder kick.... or framing for an HVAC cover...or a bunk bed or.....access panels....or... My slant to cabinetmaking limits my imagination; going out on a limb, I would include projects for architectural metal-working (grilles, frames), furniture-making (tables, desks, bookcases), display work, etc.
  • There are many additional useful parametric objects, like Frame and Panel, Perforated Metal, Lattice, etc., which can be repurposed as well.

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