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O.K. I know this is not a top priority request, but I have never understood why the Rotate Tool icon was changed after version 12.5.

Currently, the Rotate Tool icon shows an arrow going around a center point Clockwise.

If you select an object, double click the Rotate icon, enter a positive value, and click O.K., what direction does the selected object rotate? It rotates Counter-Clockwise!

I know that counter-clockwise is the positive direction in VW, but when double clicking the tool it is a bit counter intuitive as to what direction your object will rotate, as it shows a clockwise arrow.

In VW version 12.5, and every version before, the Rotate Tool icon showed an arrow going counter-clockwise about its center, but in coming up with a fancy new tool icon it was changed to clockwise in 2008 or 2009.

Was it really important to change the implied direction of rotation on the Icon?

O.K., finally, my request, fix the icon to show the positive rotation direction.

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