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Snapping missing accuracy

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Hi there

I have recently migrated at work from using a mac to a PC. I have been using VW 2008 (SP3). On windows, I am getting repeated errors in snapping which result in having to redraw things numerous times to get the snap to work correctly.

For example, drawing a line between two vertex points.I click both points when the 'point' prompt appears and complete the line. I zoom in after to the ends of the line and they are like this:


As you can see, the end of the line is in fact not snapped.

The same error occurs with all snapping, such as moving polygon points, drawing rectangles, etc.

My snap radius is set to 5 pixels and I have the correct snap settings selected.

This is making it take twice as long to draw everything and is very frustrating. I have never had this problem on mac.

I'm really hoping there's a simple solution to this so I look forward to any replies!


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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

I'm having to go from memory for 2008, but if you double click on the Snap to Objects button, in the dialogue there should be a setting for "Snap to Edge" or "Nearest point on edge" if this is already enabled, disable it, close Vectorworks and relaunch, then enable it and retry the snapping.

I vaguely recall that being an issue in 2008 but its been too long for me to be sure.

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