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Printing to pdf Size D- OS10.2, VW10

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OS 10 has a print to PDF function built in to the OS. It will print as an image and not a true PDF object based document.

When you go to Print, select Output in teh drop down box. Then select File and select PDF from the drop down box.

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A good way to create a pdf of a drawing that size is to save it a s a postscript file from the print menu. If you have adobe distiller for OS 9 then open classic and just drop it into the distiller icon and it will create your pdf. It is actually pretty fast with the exception of opening classic.

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My question was once you print how do you get the size of the pdf print to correspond with the drawing size (34 x 22) and not have it print out as 6 sheets of 17x11. The only printer drivers I have have a maximum paper size of 17 x 11. I assume I need a another driver - where do I get it and how do I install it if the printer is not on my network.

Also how does the quality of image produced by the 10.2 pdf writer compare with a true pdf.


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Once the printer is setup, under the File>Page setup, select the page size you want to create the PDF to.

Then go to the Page menu>SEt Print area.

Make sure the Size setting is set to ONE PAGE.

Otherwise, it will print on a bunch on smaller pages depending on what's set up in Page Setup.

Then you can go to File Print, Output options, select pdf there.

The os built in PDF writer is an image. You may lost a litttttttttle bit of detail doing it this way vs. using something like Adobe Distiller - a true PDF writer.

Some people see drastic changes while others see very minimal changes.

If you are happy with the built in OS pdf output, no sense in buying Distiller as it's a purchase application. (part of adobe family)

If you want more inforamation about the OS Pdf writer, I believe you can find information on either apple.com about it or at any of the other inforamtion apple websites out there.

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At apple.com, article number 61167 will tell you about how to save a document as a PDF.

ARticle number 61537 will tell you how to get good results with it.

There are other articles there and in the OS Manual about PDF output.

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