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C. Andrew Dunning

Landru Design Entertainment Tools Updated

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Happy July from Landru Design!

We hope your summer is going well, so-far! Things have been very busy, here. In fact...

We've posted updates for every single one of our Vectorworks tools!

Family-wide, all of the tools have undergone a bit of continued refinement (in addition to the bug fix here-and-there). For example, Texture naming and creation is now much more streamlined. Textures that were, in-essence, duplicates are now shared and the naming convention is now common with all of the tools. (No more "Resource Browser Scatter.")

Some of the tools also have some new features. For example...

  • StageLift has gotten some much-needed attention. It how offers some color options, as well as things you appreciate about the other tools, such as Texture application to all of the 3D elements and optional Classing of parts.
  • The VideoScreen 4 tools now recognize projectors, stands, and television cases in current working files - not just in files in the external Resource folders.
  • The VideoScreen 4 Coverage Zone feature now can display the minimum viewing distance, based on viewing angle to the tops of screens.
  • We've added 90 new wide-screen models to VS4-Television's library - all a LOT less generic than the initial batch. Many of you who have been requesting additions will hopefully see your favorites.
  • VS4-Blended Projector now offers a LOT more flexibility. Things like projector choice, lens spec., and placement are now independent for each instance.

For current users, as in the past, these updates are offered free-of-charge. Simply use the link(s) and password(s) you used for your initial download of the tools for which you own licenses. If you're not a current user and would like more information, simply follow the link below.

Finally, for those of you still using older versions of Vectorworks, it is probable that these will be among the last updates for 2009 and 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience, but we're needing to be a bit more focused in our looking ahead.

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Can you change the color of a projector. When I pull one in it always comes in as blue

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