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Items won't select / highlight

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In 2014, two times (so far) I've run across a file that does not select things. When I enclose an item it highlights, when I just click on an item it does not highlight.

Also, When do get a object highlighted it only moves by arrows on keyboard, 1 click of the mouse de-selects it.

Very frustrating!

Is this an option that I mistakenly chose?


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In have seen this when an item is copied from an older drawing as part of a Symbol or Group, or when a Symbol contains an item in a different class.

The solution typically is to turn on all the classes. Then selection works as expected

Sometimes the offending item is completely visible, yet its class is not when you check them in the Classes dialog box. (Bug ?)

Other times the object is physically "bigger" than expected, just not visually on the drawing. Clicking on it appears correct, but "misses the mark". I have see this based on a light that is inside a symbol, so the bounding box is much bigger than the real geometry. Selection in Marquee Mode may work, while clicking won't.

Lights, inside symbols, are real problems for simple selection, depending on how they are portrayed. Often the "directional arrow" is not visible, but "part of the symbol" The solution here is to re draw the light without the "directional arrow"

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I found a movie I made on this "Cant Select BUG" - It shows text in a Hybrid Symbol in the top plan view. When you attempt to edit the text you are unable to select it. Clicking or Marquee. This is in the Symbol Edit Mode - 2D portion of the Hybrid Symbol. The Text has its own Class so that it can be turned off for larger sized plan views.

If you go the Class Set up box and look to see what is what ? then return to the Drawing without changing anything, the Text disappears as its Class was always off.

Change the specific Class to on and the Text is easily selected. I assume it was in VW 2012 ...

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