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Increased efficiency with less clicks Part II

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I jumped into, and read the thread that Vincent C started based on the Subject: "Increased efficiency with less clicks". As a Long Time user of VW / RW (MiniCad pre 3D) I have noticed several items that equated to efficiency pass by the way side in the annual process of updating the software. The ability to do more is great (Assumed competition with other CAD applications ?) The ability to do more FASTER, and efficiently is always better. It appears that some of the eliminated features, and some added features do not have real "in the trenches" experience as their basis.

One item that would appear simple is reshape from center. While one is able to create, for example, a rectangle from the center, one is NOT able to then reshape that rectangle from the center. ? "On the drawing", that is, NOT in the OIP. While I have zero use for reversing a door symbol, I get the thrust of Vincent C's comments. Hands on, real world of drawing, NOT the potential of one method / option / location.

You would think such major additions as Layer Plane / Screen Plane, the bane of some drawing disciplines would have a real world basis. A real world efficiency test. Between VW 2012 and VW 2013 is is easy to see that there was needed back tracking on this "feature" as the options / preferences allow the user to pick / force their preference. While some declared "Layer Plane" the new paradigm, it is easy to see now, that simplicity and efficiency was the needed key.

Curious ? What equates to efficiency? For example, how many people use two hands to draw with ? - one on the mouse and one on the keyboard.

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At least with Rectangles (and ovals and rounded rectangles), you can get reshape from center functionality with the Selection tool. If you have the resize from center point selected in the OIP (set of 9 circles) and hold down the Command key (Mac) while moving a corner point, the object resizes from the center.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

The setting in the OIP for reshaping only applies to changes made when entering the Width and Height values manually in the value fields. The selected point will remain anchored, so if you picked the bottom right point, then increased the width and height both, the rectangle would get larger "up" and to the "left".

However, I will submit a request to have this control anchor work for the reshape handle resizing as well, it makes sense.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

As to the Layer Plane / Screen Plane, that comes down to two subsets of users, one set that does only 2D and still needs Screen in order to use their (admittedly outdated) hybrid workflow, and Layer plane, which is how all 2D objects will eventually be treated in the future. We are in an odd transitional period for the time being.

As for determining what is more efficient/faster, it is extremely difficult. For instance, if you have users that embrace any new change and work it to the bone to find its flaws early on, we can hammer it out and get a refined, clean product. But if we release a feature that users either are not aware of or don't see the benefit of (My fault for not making it obvious enough in the new feature videos) then it may sit on a shelf getting no peer review or refinement or feedback and then when users DO come across it, it is still in a very early state and may be shunned right away.

Not saying this is an ideal situation of course, just explaining what happens from time to time. We walk the line between new/efficient systems and established/proven workflows and misstepping is easier than you may think.

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I have long promoted the efficiency of Hybrid Symbols in VW and would hate to see them go the way of the buggy whip.

A key to drawing in our discipline is the VW "magic" that occurs with Hybrid Symbols when switching from Top Plan to a Perspective View. The 2D Screen Plane information disappears. As expected. Without the need to set viewports or class visibility. When I show this to other CAD operators they are suppressed to see how simple the 2D (Top Plan) view can be to work in and then how complex the 3D rendered view is.

As mentioned a majority of our work is with Hybrid Symbols ...

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