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Stair Tool (not custom stair tool) - A an additional landing and run


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We've never adopted the 'new' stair tool. When first introduced it was inadequate in many ways I won't get into. Over the versions it became better and better but never good enough to cause us to switch away from the 'old' stair tool now called 'Custom Stair'. Neither is perfect but we still see more flexibility with the Custom Stair.

Even with the Custom Stair we sometimes need to 'stack' two separate stair objects on top of each other to make a single, multi-run stair. If you have the stair tied to the layer heights you can still set your offsets from the top or bottom so they show as a single stair. You can also manipulate how they show on both upper and lower floors.

We run into this most often when an open tread stair run extends past a wall and becomes a closed tread stair on one side only of a continuous run. Very common residential stair that can be impossible to make with one stair object. This could be fixed if the a setting to 'offset from center' was added to each stair run.

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It can be however the user wants it to be.

I had problems with these settings if parts of a stair below were hidden

by the floor slab of the current story,

where the hidden part should be dashed and the open part have solid lines.

I'm not very experienced in 2D plan illustration, so if this is solvable I would

try it again.

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You can set which flights you show the information for as shown in the image below.

The stair tool is quite user friendly and with each use it gets easier to get stairs the way you want them to be. Also if you develop a stair form that you particularly like then you can save this as a symbol so it is available for you to reuse.

Help and the stair movies available will also get you comfortable with the Stair tool.

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