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3D extrude along path rotates randomly

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I've been struggling with this issue for a while. I have a 3D path based object that extrudes a circle / rectangle.

If each vertex has the same Z-value the extrude is fine.

From the moment I have +2 vertexes, where one of them has a different Z-value the extrude rotates 90 degrees.

If I have only 2 vertexes with elevation the extrude is some random degree as shown in the image.

EDIT: I seem to have it too when there is no elevation between the vertexes, but rarely.

This is the code used for the extrude:

IF pType='ROND' THEN Oval(-D1/2,D1/2,D1/2,-D1/2) ELSE Rect(-D1/2,D2/2,D1/2,-D2/2);

F_ExtrudeAlongPath function

FUNCTION F_ExtrudeAlongPath(F_PathHd	:HANDLE; F_Width,F_Height	:REAL; ExtrudeHd	:HANDLE; F_Shape,F_Class	:STRING):HANDLE;
F_NurbsHd	:HANDLE;
bStart, bLinear	:BOOLEAN;
ExtendDistance	:REAL;
Thickness	:REAL;
h1,h2,SubstractHd	:HANDLE;

IF F_Class <> '' THEN SetClass(ExtrudeHd,F_Class);



I don't really see anything wrong codewise. Is it possible that when creating a nurbs the path can rotate along itself ? Is there a funtion that gives that rotation ?

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