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[Resolved] Get only ressources from external file in image popup

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I use resources from an external file in a PIO dialog thumbnails popup control. ( ex : wooden panels textures). I don?t want other texture ( from the current file but not from the external file) to appear on top of the list. I could erase some textures but I cannot make the difference between the resources that are in my current file and also in the external file (previously imported) and the resource that are in my current file but not in my external file.

Any Idea ?


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Simply pass a negative folder index to BuildResourceList to exclude the resources in the current file.

If you are trying to do something more complex than just display the resources from the external file you may need to build 2 separate lists from the local file and the external file and add/delete resources from the list to build the list you need.

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Awesome ! It works...

It's weird because the VectorScript Function Reference guide says for the function "BuildResourceList"


use of the negative values of these constants can be used to get the user-based folder path. The positive values are for application-based paths, which should not be used for writing.

Well, I'm glad it is fault.

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Read the few lines before that...

I think someone was confused and copped the note from another function. I'll remove it.

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