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Reassigning Textures



When you delete a texture, it would be nice to reassign another texture.

When you delete a class, it asks if you want to reassign the objects to another class or delete them.

I wish it would do the same with textures. I had three different Sherwin Williams paints in a model. It was decided to use all the same paint. I edited two of the textures to be the same as the third. But now I have 3 textures that are exactly the same with different names.

The only other option was to go into the model and find every object with that texture and reassign it. Quite a pain with an elaborate model.

So when you delete a texture, it could ask if you want to delete all texture assingments relating to that texture, or reassign it to another texture.

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

Would it be important to have it be contained within the Delete action, or more so that a "Replace" command be added?

So ideally, you could right click on the texture in the resource browser, choose "Replace" and then select another texture from either the document or any available resource file, replacing both the original base texture in the rbrowser as well as any instances of that texture being applied to objects within the document?

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