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Import textured 3D meshes

Kaare Baekgaard


There are a lot of good, free textured 3D objects on the internet ? 35.000+ at archive3d.net alone.

A great source if you are doing renderings.

3D objects typically come in two formats: .3DS or .OBJ. The first format is used by archive3D, the last is used by 123D, Poser and others. I would like to be able to import both - including correctly mapped textures ? but I would settle for one format, that actually works.

VectorWorks 3DS import does not work well. Textures are poorly supported and the mapping is lost in the import process.

Texture mapping of imported meshes is not supported by VW at all ? and mapped meshes is what I want - and you should want it too ? because of the great VW feature of mesh smoothing. Alternatively, I want to somehow be able to use smoothing on groups of 3D polygons - if they are indeed imported with correct mapping in the future.

Some time ago, I imported a car into VW. After about an hour of work converting groups of 3D polygons into meshes and tweaking the textures, I got a a fairly realistic-looking car, that I can use again and again. Great.

A week later I imported the same car into Strata Design 3D. It took less than 10 minutes to get an even better result here. The point is, that the usability of free 3D libraries like archive3D.net is greatly enhanced, if you can just grab those objects and use them as is.

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