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Best way to make VW Architect/RenderWorks faster

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I'm working on a small 13'-6" X 14'-6" kitchen project in 3D. I have built my existing cabinets & counter top, & then with classes made new cabinet doors & some new cabinets, existing & new moldings/trim, walls, windows, doors, ceiling, & light. I have one sheet layer showing perspective view of the existing with no materials yet, everything white. I also have two saved views of new perspectives with fast renderworks turned on. Now my file size is 46,428 KB. And this is with converting most components to generic solids to reduce file size. Now with where I am with this file, before adding RenderWorks finishes, the file is so large its really slowing down my computer, I keep getting VW not responding & all of the menu bars turning white. I'm told with the way my computer is built it should push VW Arch & RenderWorks with no problem. I have the money now to invest in a better graphic card, maybe doubling the power of my video card, but would like to know is this the best way to speed up VW & RW work flow.

Thanks for any advice!

Attached are JPEGS of what I'm working on

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Thanks Jim, I guess what I'm looking for is which will give me more VW power, more powerful cpu chip, memory, or video card. I now have the money to upgrade & am looking to see which would be best.


attached is the Direct X diagnostic report

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  • Vectorworks, Inc Employee

There is nothing presently wrong with your hardware, it is more than capable of running Vectorworks at the moment. The issue is not with your machine, but with the software-based limitations Vectorworks currently runs into especially in complex files.

These limits will be removed/significantly reduced soon, but until then we can only wait.

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